High Availability Computing Solutions



  • High Density : 5U, 5 Server Blades
  • Serviceability : ease of service with individual and hot-swap components
  • Simplicity : use of an open architecture (PICMG 3.0 compliant)
  • High Availability : supports full I/O card hot-swap to PICMG 3.0.

February, 7th, 2006, Santa Clara CA - I-Bus announces the launch of their new C0505, a 5U AdvancedTCA Blade Server featuring High Avaliability "five nines" requirement. The C0505 is designed to deliver the high performance and bandwidth demanded by the emerging switch-fabric applications blade server, mission critical and computing intensive applications such as third-generation (3G) wireless, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), networking image processing, and other demanding telecom/data communication applications.

The C0505 provides a 5-slot backplane fully PICMG 3.0 compliant platform.

The I-Bus C0505 is designed for the IBC3801 and IBC3802 or a combination of both. The C0505 with IBC380x can support Windows NT/2000/3/XP, Solaris and Linux Operating System. C0505 features ACB Shelf Manager with IPMB interface support. An additional feature includes an I-Bus fully IPMI compliant Chassis Management Controller with SNMP software option, providing indepedent speed control for the inidvidual blowers and the fan array.

"A comprehensive design of this Computing Platform is a fundamentally important aspect of creating a robust high performance and high availability computing system offering optimized cooling, high density and the highest levels of reliability," says Johni Chan, Acting CTO at I-Bus.

With all of its high-availability features the C0505 overcomes most of the industry toughest problems and is the first AdvancedTCA blade server platform to guarantee the level of availability that surpasses the rest of the industry.


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CA0505 datasheet, download here.

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