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March 08, 2006.

I-Bus announces the launch of their new IBC 3802, PICMG 3.0 Single Slot AdvancedTCA® computing blade. The IBC 3802 is designed to deliver the high performance and bandwidth with maximum flexibility and scalability demanded by many of today's Telecom, Internet and industrial control applications.

The CPU delivers Dual Intel LV Nocona performance, through the utilization of the Intel E7501 chipset. The IBC 3802 supports up to 16GB DDR Registered ECC memory.  Additional features include dual IPM Bus (IPMB) for improved system reliability and triple PMC/XMC slots.

"Besides supporting our customers’ demand on higher performance and bandwidth, and I-Bus is committed to bringing to market the latest technologies available to meet these demands. The IBC 3802 is flexible AdvancedTCA® blade that gives our customers the choice of Gigabit Ethernet or Fiber Ethernet through PMC/XMC or have additional Fabric modules" stated Johni Chan, President and CEO of I-Bus Corporation.

The computing core of the IBC 3802 is based around the Intel LV Nocona processor and the Intel E7501 chipset. Multiple IBC 3802's can reside in a single AdvancedTCA® system platform. The CPU blades are scalable to meet the demands of high performance servers in telecommunications and Internet applications.

The IBC 3802 offers a rich set of I/O and system peripherals including PMC, CompactFlash and 2.5” UDMAHDD. The PMC expansion allows for additional I/O such as VGA module, Fabric module, and additional Gigabit Ethernet or Fiber Ethernet and optional 2.5” SATA HDD support.

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