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I-Bus now offers an AdvancedTCA® Chassis Management Controller & Redundant Dual Power Input running with Blade Servers

December 18, 2006

I-Bus Chassis Management Controller (CMC)

The I-Bus Chassis Management Controller (CMC) is a rear accessible I/O board which allows the chassis to be managed remotely with SNMP agent by system management software application.

The CMC monitors and/or manages the chassis power, temperature, fans, and blower speed. The I-Bus CMC features 6x I2C channels and dry contact relay outputs, it communicates with the I-Bus Baseboard Management Controller/Peripheral Management (BMC/PM) mezzanine module on each IBC 3801 or IBC 3802 server blade.

The I-Bus CMC option can be mounted on the rear of Continuon™ CA0505 platform to maximize the number of available I/O slots.

Redundant Dual Power Input

The I-Bus Continuon™ Blade Server platforms feature a patented Redundant Isolated Power Input Architecture. It is available with redundant dual -48VDC input modules or redundant dual 90-250 VAC input modules. Continuon™ 0818D is also available with a patented optional non-disruptive field upgradeable embedded "Zero U" UPS backup in the industry for orderly shut-down or event ride-through, and a patented cable management for ease of use and management


The critical industry wide issues of density, performance, power, availability, maintainability, serviceability, scalability, and the total cost of ownership have been addressed in the I-Bus Continuon™ family products. As a result of advanced modular design techniques, simulation and analysis, the entire Continuon™ product family successfully passed all rigorous tests and qualifications.

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