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I-Bus Introduces LunarRay

May 25, 2006.

I-Bus Corp. announces today the introduction of the LunarRay 64-bit Dual Xeon PICMG 1.2 Single Board Computer, supporting the Intel® Xeon / LV Xeon processor. The LunarRay is optimized for high-speed processing, supporting processors of 3.4GHz and above.

"LunarRay is one of our high performance and high reliability SBC with outstanding computing power. “Our customer can achieve computational intensive application with this SBC" said Johni Chan, President and CEO of I-Bus. "The outstanding architecture of this SBC allows the board to be high performance, highly reliable, and superior connectivity."
Like all I-Bus Single Board Computer products, the LunarRay is based on the standard PCI architecture, for use in passive backplanes, meeting all of the PICMG (PCI Industrial Manufacturers Group) requirements.

The LunarRay Incorporates the following feature set:

  • Two Double Data Rate (DDR) 184-pin DIMM sockets for up to 4 GBytes of 400/333/266MHz DDR2 SDRAM.
  • Intel's E7051 and ICH3-S chipset with support for 533/400MHz front side bus speeds.
  • Dual PCI-X Gigabit Ethernet controllers with dual LED indicators.
  • ATI Rage XL PCI VGA Graphics controller with 8MB display memory and resolution up to 1600x1200 @ 85Hz refresh.
  • EIDE, two SATA, four USB, and AC’97 2.3 Audio.
  • 5.25"/3.5" floppy drive controller.
  • Two serial ports and one parallel ports.
  • Two independent PCI-S and four PCI-X busses expansion.
  • System monitoring, Watchdog Timer, and Solid State Disk support.
The LunarRay supports a variety of operating systems, including DOS/Windows, Windows 95/98/NT, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP and LINUX.

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